Another server upgrade….another problem!!!

Hello all,

So, this week I had to upgrade another Ubuntu server. Unlike my previous upgrade experience where I encountered issues after the upgrade this time around I faced problems before the upgrade. The server that I had to upgrade was running Ubuntu 10.04. However, when I ran sudo do-release-upgrade, I got the result “No new release found” when clearly Ubuntu 12.04.1 was out and I should have been upgraded to it. I checked for update-manager-core which was installed on the server, so error coming because of it being not installed was out of the question. Then I checked /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and I had ‘prompt=lts’ set. So, where was the problem?!? Answer to this question, I didn’t know then and I still don’t know even now! A quick google search revealed that some users have had this issue and they solved it by providing the ‘-d’ option with do-release-upgrade command, which is for upgrading to a development release. Anyway, with the -d option, I was upgraded to 12.04 and this time, I didn’t get any post install hiccups.




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