Rescuing Grub after Ubuntu server upgrade

Recently, I had to upgrade a server which was running Ubuntu 10.04-server image to Ubuntu 12.04. I have upgraded Ubuntu server once before and it went really smoothly. So, I thought this will be over in a jiffy but, as luck would have it, this time something else was in store for me. Now, the recommended way to go about upgrading an Ubuntu server is:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo do-release-upgrade

You can read more about tips on how to upgrade Ubuntu server here –>

Everything was going smoothly, texts were scrolling rapidly in the terminal, I got the prompt to enter mysql password, whether I wanted old config files or new ones. I did get a window that popped up with nothing but  square shaped letters.  But, in the end I got the message that the Ubuntu upgrade has been completed sucessfully and I needed to reboot the machine and so I complied. But, the moment machine rebooted, instead of getting the grub screen I got an error “Error: Symbol ‘grub_xputs’ not found” and I was landed in a grub rescue prompt. To be honest, I have never faced an issue like this before, so I googled for solutions and in the end I found it nicely laid out here –>

I had two hard drives, one with / on it and other with /home and Ubuntu was the only operating system on it. Once I was in the Live mode, I downloaded the bootinfoscript and ran it to make sure that I had no inconsistency. Next, I needed to locate the drive containing /, which for me was /dev/sda1. After locating the drive, these commands which are from the link mentioned above, did the trick for me:

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt    #as /dev/sda1 had my / partition

sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda

After entering these commands in the terminal when I rebooted, I was greeted with the familiar grub screen. In the end, everything went better than expected and yet another learning experience.




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