Setting up a private hub for DC++ using Ubuntu


Recently, I tried to set up a private hub for DC++ for my local network. Most of the google results were for winodws. So, after digging a lot I found a solution, which I thought I would share here.

So, the first solution is for Ubuntu 10.04 which is to use Opendchub, it is available in the official repos, which will work fine if you don’t want to add any extra settings other than the default ones. Because, no matter how many times I made changes to its configuration file, the moment I restarted opendchub service, the configuration file was replaced back with the default one.

Next, the one that actually worked for me was PtokaX, which you can download from here –>

I found an old guide to set it up –>;wap2 or you can refer to the PtokaX wiki.

Once, you have started PtokaX, you are good to go. As for client softwares, there are plenty of them available. If you’ll search for a client on Ubuntu Software Center, the first result that you’ll get is LinuxDCplusplus. I tried it and although, it would connect to my private hub, it just wouldn’t download user’s file list. I tried active mode, passive mode, even allowed it through ufw, but still it wouldn’t budge.  I think it gave some sort of TTH error that I can’t recall right now..

Selecting passive mode in Valknut

Selecting passive mode in Valknut

If any of you, especially IIT Delhi hostel resident, is facing the same problem, give Valknut a try. This worked for me like a charm. I had to select passive mode, in order for it work. Hope it helps.




3 thoughts on “Setting up a private hub for DC++ using Ubuntu

  1. Well thanks for the help, but the guide you posted is very old and the donwload link is dead. I am a hub admin in my college and it really pains me that there is no linux GUI hub server. Only for Window. This cause quite a few problems for me. Anyways thanks for the help!

      • Thanks. It is surprising that dc hub hosting software for Linux is so sparce. I guess as an admin i will have to prefer windows as both opendchub and ptokax are not working for me right now. Anyways thanks for the help.

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