How to install flash player in firefox on Slackware 14.0

Edit: The easiest way would be to grab the Alien Bob’s slackbuild from here –> and then do a installpkg <package-name>.tar.gz as the root user.

This post will just be a quickie! Last weekend, I finally installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop and did a fresh Slackware 14.0 install as well( I had 13.37 earlier). Anyways, from now on , I have decided to be a full time Slackware user or I’ll try to use it most of the time unlike before, when Slackware was just lying there in the cold and I was happily doing my stuff on Ubuntu and occasionally Windows.

When I tried accessing youtube on Slackware, it prompted me to install missing plugins.

Flash player plugin missing

Clicking on “Install Missing Plugins…” won’t do you any good because Firefox’s plugin finder service won’t be able to find anything.

No suitable plugins found reported by Plugin finder service

To install flash player, first, you have to grab adobe-flash-player-installer in .tar.gz format.


Now, go to the directory where flash-player-installer is downloaded, like on my system it is downloaded in to /home/sugandh/Downloads, and then extract it.

$cd /home/sugandh/Downloads/

$tar -xzvf install_flash_player_11_linux_i386.tar.gz

Once you’ve done that, you will find three things that have been extracted : a directory ‘usr‘ and two files, namely ‘readme.txt‘ and ‘‘.

All you have to do now is to move or copy this file to /usr/lib/firefox-xx.x.x/plugins where xx.x.x is the firefox version. Ofcourse, you’ll have to become the root user for doing this. If there isn’t a ‘plugins‘ directory already then you have to create that as well.

$su -                                        (enter root pasword)

#mkdir /usr/lib/firefox-15.0.1/plugins

If you’re using a 32-bit system like me, the you have to do:

#mv /home/sugandh/Downloads/ /usr/lib/firefox-15.0.1/plugins/

However, if you’re using a 64-bit system then you will have to do:

#mv /home/sugandh/Downloads/ /usr/lib64/firefox-15.0.1/plugins/

Installation steps

Now, restart firefox and to verify,  enter about:plugins in the URL and it should be listed there.


You can enjoy all the flash contents now!





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