Ubuntu 12.04 – Unity ain’t half bad!!

Alrighty, this is going to be a quick one, my take on Ubuntu 12.04. So, my cousin gave me his old hp Compaq Presario V6000 laptop,which was running Windows and was in a quite bogged down state, to install Linux on it. It had only 1 Gb RAM, so I thought of all the available options. I wanted to install something that would be fast yet easy to use. I thought of installing Xubuntu 11.10 first, as I had a copy of it with me. But then I thought 1 Gb would be sufficient to run Ubuntu 12.04. I downloaded the iso file and booted it from the Usb stick. Within no time it was up and kicking.

The installation went pretty smoothly. I had to go for dual boot because I didn’t want to deprive my cousin of Windows completely. I made a /boot partition and formatted it with ext2 filesystem type, a / and /home with ext4. The entire thing took 20-30 minutes to install and after reboot and installation of all the updates, everything was sunshine and rainbows 😉

Screenshot of Ubuntu 12.04

The Unity interface that was considered quite a fiasco when it was launched, has now been accepted by many. Well, I gotta say it is faster than before but it still needs work.(Among the DE, I would still prefer Gnome 2.32). If you like working with keyboard only, you are actually gonna like Unity. Press superkey for 3 seconds and will display the Unity shortcuts. The lenses are a nice addition. However, there is no option to configure Unity. To configure it, I downloaded Ubuntu Tweak which allows you to tweak certain things that are otherwise locked.

There are certain things that I quite really didn’t like such as the position of the launcher is fixed. You can’t use compiz at its full power. Tweak compiz with ccsm and it might break Unity. That’s kind of a drag. Finally, Ubuntu 12.04 doesn’t have screensaver! Nothing biggy but yes it could have made it better.
And as for the HUD, I didn’t really find it that much useful. I still find myself going to the menu options. I guess its gonna take some time to sink in.

Overall, I’d say a job nicely done by the Ubuntu team.

Here’s how the laptop looks

So, that’s pretty much it. Haven’t used Linux? Give Ubutnu a shot, chances are you might find yourself drawing towards it.


2 thoughts on “Ubuntu 12.04 – Unity ain’t half bad!!

  1. hello there, i have the same laptop and i’m trying to put alinux on it but i can’t seem to make the volume keys and mute button to work? did you make them work or you just left them as is..?

    • Well, in my case, they were working correctly after the installation. I didn’t make any change to the settings to make’em work.
      EDIT: You can try to create custom keyboard shortcuts, I think that ought to work.

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