Bring workspaces to Windows

I have been using linux for quite some now and workspaces have become a part of my everyday desktop experience. I don’t like my desktop getting all too cluttered up. Some people even classify their workspaces like one for the interwebs, another for work, etcetra, etcetra.  When it comes to Windows, well, you dont really have a choice. With opening each new application, tabs count just stacks up and what you are left with is a thronged up desktop.

A few days ago, I came across this nice app called Virtuawin which provides workspaces for windows. It works with Win9x, ME, NT, Win2K, XP, Win2003, Vista, Win7.

After the installation is complete, you get a green square shape in the notification area. Clicking on the icon doesn’t switch workspaces but it gives you set of options.

To switch between workspaces, you have 4 ways:

  • From the desktop preview.
  •  By clicking the virtuawin icon in the notification area.
  •  By using the keyboard shortcut. By default it is Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys depending on your layout.
  • You can move the mouse pointer to the top-left,top-right,bottom-left,bottom-corner to switch workspaces. The position depends on the layout you choose.

To get a preview of all of your workspaces you can either select the Desktop preview from the options or you can set a keyboard shortcut for it.

For the layout I prefer depth as 1 and  width as 4. The preview will look like this:

You can configure virtuawin the way you like it. You can confiure layout from the general tab.

You can set the keyboard shortcuts in the Hotkeys section.

To get more functionality out of virtuawin, you can add modules to virtuawin. List of modules can be found here –>

To add a module, download the module, if it is a compressed file, extract the contents and copy them inside the modules folder present in the virtuawin folder.

There is also an expert tab which most users wouldn’t find themselves using.

Moving the apps from one workspace to another may take some time getting used to. It takes you three clicks just to move an app from one workspace to another.

If you wish to change the default virtuawin icon, you can get a list of user contributed icon sets from here –>

Problems that I faced :

  •  Moving apps from one workspace to another.
  •  KvasdoPager, which provides similar look and feel as that of the Gnome workspace switcher, it didn’t work at all.

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