Apps for command line junkies

Like many linux beginners, I also started my linux adventure with Ubuntu. After using Ubuntu for a year, I got the distro hopping urge and tried Mint, Opensuse, Fedora and many others before finally moving on to badass distros like ‘Slackware’ and ‘Arch Linux’.

I screwed my X window system a lot of times. I had to drop down to tty to solve the problem. I felt incapacitated whenever my X system went down because back then all I knew was lynx browser. Now, I have found viable command line substitute for most of the apps that i use frequently. So, even if my X-system goes down, I can work on tty normally without facing any major problem. CLI apps are way faster and much lighter than any of the GUI app in its category. So, even if you have a working GUI, using them is not a bad option.

Here’s my list of apps.

elinks(web browser)- Originally forked from links browser, some of its features include tabs, downloading in background and it also provides mouse support if you are using it in a terminal.

elinks – web browser

mutt(mail client)- When it comes to reading mail in a tty, mutt is an extremely wonderful client. Although, to get it up and running, you do have to write a configuration script.

mutt- email client

moc(audio player)-  I like moc because it is very simple to work with. And now, even when I have a working GUI, I use moc as my default audio player.

moc – audio player

finch(chat client) If you use pidgin then you’ll find yourself at home because finch is like the little brother of pidgin with the only exception that you can’t use mouse with it.

finch – chat client

rtorrent(Bittorrent client)- In my opinion the best BitTorrent client available in the linux world. Here’s a screenshot of rtorrent in action.

rtorrent – BitTorrent client

midnight commander(file manager)- A decent file browser with a text user interface that you can use in a tty or a terminal.

midnight commander – file browser

screen(window selector)- An application that you got to have if you spend time on tty. It can save you a lot of hassle. In simple words, it allows you to run multiple programs from the same tty or terminal. Here’s a screenshot of screen, currently three programs are running within the same tab of a terminal.

GNU screen – window selector

mplayer(video player)- One of the best video players available and the lightest of them all. Video works like a charm in the tty however I did have issues with the audio (only in tty).

mplayer – video player

irssi(irc chat client)- An easy to use console based irc client. Since I started using it, if I did screw my X system, seeking help from irc has never been easier.

irssi – irc client

fbi(image viewer)- fbi is an image viewer for the linux framebuffer consoles. It will only work in the tty. Here is a snapshot of fbi, I had to take to this snapshot by running fbi on  the tty of a virtual machine.

fbi – image viewer for tty

fbgs(pdf viewer)- fbgs uses fbi to display ps/pdf files on the framebuffer console. Again,took the snapshot  by running it on the tty of a virtual machine.

fbgs – pdf viewer for tty

vim(text editor)- An enhanced version of vi editor. I prefer vi over emacs or any other text editor.

vim – text editor

So, that’s about it!! It covers most of the basic ‘everyday apps’ that any average user could find himself/herself using.

If you think I have missed out on something, feel free to comment.


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