Sneak preview: Linux Mint 12 “Lisa”

So,the Linux mint 12 aka Lisa rc was out,which is based on Ubuntu 11.10, just a couple of days earlier. After the recent release of Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora 16,both of which were not as good as I hoped. I was waiting for Mint 12 eagerly, mainly because of the new features(MGSE and MATE) that the Mint 12 is going to offer. Alright,let’s see what this edition is really going to offer.

The live desktop will boot into Gnome 3.2 with MGSE.


Well,the installation was the same as in Mint 11,easy,smooth and fast 🙂  Nothing new with that.

Login Screen:

As Linux Mint is built on top of Ubuntu,so now it also uses the LDM login manager just like Ubuntu 11.10.To start the session there are three choices by default–

  • Gnome
  • Gnome Classic
  • Gnome Classic (No effects)

Let’s get to the main features of this edition,i.e MGSE and MATE

Desktop with MGSE:

MGSE ( Mint Gnome Shell Extension) allows you to use Gnome 3(somewhat) in the same way as we used to,in the good ol’Gnome 2 days. Unlike Gnome 3,there is an additional panel at the bottom with mint menu and workspace switcher. The bottom panel will also show which applications are currently opened.

But,If you don’t like MGSE or just want to experience only Gnome 3 then you can turn MGSE components off with just few simple clicks.

There is a ‘!’ mark at the rightmost corner of the bottom panel that  opens the message tray right on top of the bottom panel where the Gnome 3

notifications will pop up

Desktop with MATE:

MATE is a feature that the Mint team is calling a fork of Gnome 2 which is compatible with Gnome 3.Basically,MATE is their attempt to give users Gnome 2.What you get is a desktop with two panels,one containing applications menu,date,notification area and such and the other panel will show which applications are opened and the workspace switcher.

Now,the problem that I faced here was that there wasn’t an option to add or remove items from the panel when I clicked on them. However, if I drag and drop an item on the panel then it would reside their permanenty(Again possible bug).

Other Changes:

There is another small change that the default search engine is Duck Duck Go.

Mint 12 uses a new theme called Mint-Z based on Mint-X and Zukitwo.There are new backgrouds as well which are from India and Yellowstone National Park.

Well,that’s all folks!! These are the major changes in these release. Can’t wait to try the final release of Mint 12 and will try to give a review.


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