Bored of Gnome,Kde and Xfce?

Well, most Linux distributions usually come with either Gnome or Kde, there are many other desktop environments and window managers that are at your disposal. While you can find many, I’m listing my favorite window managers.


This was the first window manager that i tried and i quite liked it.So,I have a little inclination towards it.Fluxbox is a stacking window manager for X which is based on Blackbox is light weight and one of its best feature is tabbing which allows you to group windows together.

Fluxbox worked for me for 2 or 3 months but I wanted more control. Then I found Awesome and Xmonad.And Both were amazing 🙂


All I can say about it is that it is simply awesome 🙂 Based on lua, it is very light,customizable and extremely fast.I have configured it using beautiful,naughty,awful,vicious and scratch.I found it a bit harder to configure than Xmonad.


Now,this here is my favourite window manager. It is a tiling window manager and is written and configured in Haskell.It is also light,customizable and fast.But,it is very easy to configure.I like playing around with its configuration file.If you are new to Xmonad then there is an excellent tutorial by John Goerzen which can get you started.

I mostly switch between xmonad and awesome.

P.S. : For those of you who don’t like to use mouse very often,I would highly recommend awesome and xmonad.


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